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A Virtual Experience

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best virtual magician

"Although this show happened on Zoom, believe me, it is an AMAZING piece of theatre. I don't think I will ever gasp louder"


~ Alan Cumming

(Tony Award Winning Actor)

One of the hardest things about being physically apart is finding ways to come together.

Reconnected is a virtual experience designed to gather audiences for 60 minutes of jaw-dropping psychological illusions. The show is intimate, interactive and optimal for online gatherings of all kinds.

But this is not your typical magic show. Like all of Jason's performances, Reconnected features sophisticated acts of mind-reading and deception designed to astonish even those who think they've seen it all. So come together for an experience that you will never forget

... and that no one else will believe.

Recommended for ages 13+ due to language

Praise for Reconnected

"What a delight! The work you do is thrilling, but more than that, it's important. Especially now. You are a true magician"

~ Edie Falco 

" A fantastic evening event at our house, Jason left 2 adults and 2 twelve year old boys completely gobsmacked. We had such a great time, he is truly a talent"

~ Julianna Margulies 

"Jason’s show is hands down the best online performance experience I have had during lockdown. It is SO much fun and  mind-blowingly good. He is a fantastic talent to keep us all connected and entertained during this time, and a tip for the show; DRESS UP!"

KT Tunstall

Sneak Preview for Reconnected

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