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Inteview/Performance on FOX5


This inteview and demonstration was part of a publicity tour for an early production of Jason's immersive theatrical Sèance. Skip to 3:08 to see the demonstration (and the host's reaction).

Magic on ESPN


A special segment designed to illustrate "trick plays" in football using magic. Performed and designed by Jason Suran and Matthew Cook. Aired on 1/16/2016 on ESPN.

Custom Trick for Private Event


This was a specially designed trick for a client who asked to "appear" at his own halloween birthday party. It required some rehearsal but paid off in a standing ovation. 

Performance in Haiti


Footage of the special event Magic Bites, a two day performance in Port-au-Prince, Haiti courtesy of the Barbancourt rum company and Collabo Entertainment.

Promo Reel


See it to believe it.

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