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Jason Suran is one of the most sought after performers of mindreading magic in America. His unique blend of psychology and deception has led him to perform on major networks such as FOX, NBC, ESPN and PBS and in cities around the world from Haiti to Dubai. In addition to his work abroad, Jason is a regular performer at some of the most exclusive venues in New York. He has performed sleight of hand at Carnegie Hall, read minds on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and has captivated audiences in parlors and private clubs across the city including The Soho House and The National Arts Club. He takes no responsibility for bent spoons found at any of these locations.


When he's not on stage, Jason also works as a private consultant helping professionals apply the tools of mentalism to the business world.



Originally from Chicago, Jason first moved east to attend New York University where he studied Theatre and Film History. His love of storytelling steered him towards magic and more specifically ... the history and methods of modern psychics. After years of refining his craft on thousands of stages (and in 3 languages) Jason premiered his first solo show, The Other Side in 2017. A combination of magic, storytelling, and installation art, The Other Side opened to a sold out run and critical acclaim. It will be returning in Fall of 2018 for a final limited run. 


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