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" We just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you. The show was amazing and it blew our mind! Jason you are incredible. We are still talking about it."

~ Google

Some of Jason's clients include: 

Apple, Facebook, Hulu, Uber, Google, HDMI, Samsung, The Philadelphia 76rs, Yale University, The U.S. Pentagon Barclays, Blackstone Group, UNICEF, Roundabout Theatre Company, Goldman Sachs, Atlas Obscura, The Rubin Museum, The Natural History Museum, Cantor Fitzgerald, Square, OKCupid, The Broadway League, Winklevoss Capital, Ogilvey & Mather, Apollo Asset Management, and venues such as Carnegie Hall, SoHo House, The National Arts Club, The Harmonie Club, and House of Yes

" You're something else you know that?"

~ Robert De Niro 

" Jason is that rare combination of mentalist who makes you laugh uproariously while leaving you wanting to question everything you have ever known to be true in your lifetime.”

~ Ben Stiller 

"Jason, will you be my best friend forever? I honestly don’t know if I actually want to be BFF’s with you, or if you mind-melded that idea in my really doesn’t matter. Let’s be BFF’s, please!"

~Christine Taylor 

"What a delight! The work you do is thrilling, but more than that, it's important. Especially now. You are a true magician"

~ Edie Falco 

"Jason’s show is hands down the best online performance experience I have had during lockdown. It is SO much fun and  mind-blowingly good. He is a fantastic talent to keep us all connected and entertained during this time, and a tip for the show; DRESS UP!"

KT Tunstall

" A fantastic evening event at our house, Jason left 2 adults and 2 twelve year old boys completely gobsmacked. We had such a great time, he is truly a talent"

~ Julianna Margulies 

"That's the most shocked I've been since I read Old Yeller."

~ Adam Driver 

"Incredible Stuff!" 

~ TJ McConnell (Philadelphia 76rs)

"Jason you were a sensation last night! Truly. Everyone is still reeling."

~ Alan Cumming 

"Woah. F!$%K."

~ Amy Schumer (Comic)

"If I could do what you do I could rule the world."

~ Jack Devine (Former Acting Director at CIA) 

"That's messed up. Do it again."

~ Dean Winters (Law and Order, John Wick, Allstate's Mayem)

"That was insane!"

~ Todrick Hall (Kinky Boots)

"The most emotionally impactful magic show I believe I've ever seen."

~ Ben Sinclair (HBO's High Maintenance)

"That was the best thing I've experienced since I won this Oscar."

~ Oscar winner James Ivory

"The best magician and mentalist in NYC. Like hiring Sherlock Holmes."

~ Birger Berendes (Head of M&A at Bank of America) 

"Okay but seriously, HOW?"

~ JWOWW (Jersey Shore)

"You made today awesome. I still can't believe you knew I'd pick the jack of spades"

~ Pete Holmes

"I watch you every second and I still have no idea how you do it!"

~ Lea Salonga (Broadway/Disney Legend)

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