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Best mentalist in NYC


Jason Suran is a New York based performer whose psychological illusions have been featured on television, radio and in venues that range from Carnegie Hall to the United States Pentagon. Often described as a "mentalist", "mind-reader" or "demon we should kill with fire just to be safe", Jason has earned widespread acclaim for his groundbreaking immersive performances. In addition to a two year extended run at the McKittrick Hotel (home of Sleep No More) Jason served as artist-in-residence at the Norwood Club in Chelsea and in January 2021, was named a New York Times "Up Next" artist to watch. His virtual show "Reconnected" has became a smash hit selling out over 300 performances since July of 2020. 




Originally from Skokie, Illinois, Jason first moved east to attend New York University where he studied Theatre and Film. His love of non-traditional storytelling steered him towards magic and eventually towards the more personal art of mentalism.



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In addition to his work as a performer, Jason is also a highly sought after corporate lecturer. His primary seminar, Hacking Mindsis a crash course on the fundamentals of information exchange. Through this course, the daunting task of eliciting, retaining and activating information is broken down into digestible segments that can be tailored to your team’s unique obstacles and goals. 

Previous institutions that Jason has lectured for include: 

HBO, Yale University, Digital Currency Group,

1st National Bank, Wagstaff & Cartmell,

Ogilvey & Mather, Oxygen Network's Crime Con


“Jason Suran was the hit of our Influence Underground psychology speaker series at Yale School of Management. He’s brilliant, talented, professional, funny, thought-provoking—nay, mind-bending!—and an absolute pleasure to talk with and learn from. Really interesting also to hear him connect the dots between mind-reading performances and building business relationships. A++!”

~ Zoe Chance, assistant professor of marketing at Yale School of Management


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